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ElamParithi Arul

Student at ICAT

Name:ElamParithi Arul
Date of birth:May 3, 1991
Address:B8, Park Avenue, Sri Ram Avenue Extn, Vadavalli, Coimbatore - 641041, India
I have a deep passion in development of mobile applications, games and websites, using advanced web & mobile technologies. I'm looking forward in joining a company where I could utilise my creative skills to develop applications that are robust, intuitive and trend-setting. I look for daunting challenges and I love to learn more. I'm currently studying Game Development at ICAT - earning technologies such as Unity, Cocos2Dx, and more.


B.E CSE – 84.7%

Graduated with B.E Computer Science and Engineering from Nehru Institute of Engineering and Technology (Affiliated to Anna University, Coimbatore) with a CGPA of 8.47 with NO history of arrears – 2012


Traffic Simulator – Unity – Team...

This project is based on the simulation of the traffic system in order to help the cops to test the traffic situations and also help the public learn the basic driving before they get into a real vehicle. In this team project, I take the role of developing algorithms for the street and the traffic signalling systems which determines the flow of traffic that are spawned by the environment.


SyncThruMe is an Android application, which uses Bluetooth technology and multithreading to transfer data from the phone to an initially configured computer in a LAN network. The data transfer starts from the phone to the nearest computer, which in turn, sends it to the configured computer. This can be quite useful in corporate offices and homes, since the data can be wirelessly synced to any system faster, no matter how far the host system is situated from the phone by the taking advantage of the LAN speeds and removing the disadvantage of Bluetooth’s distance based data speeds. The project is based on the IEEE base paper - Data Delivery Properties of Human Contact Networks. 


A Web Application Project aimed to collect reviews from Facebook Users and share them with their friends in order to provide trustable statistics to users while considering a real world product. Presently we have over 202 active monthly users for our application. The Technology used was PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS & MySQL.

Work Experience

Technology Evangelist at TechTwinklers

I have a lot of love for technology and I wish to share my knowledge with everyone through my blogs and in technology websites. One such is, where I share most of my how to’s, tutorials and news written by me. As a hobby, I’ve been doing this for around for 4 years and I have a wide range of audience who are benefited by my evangelism in technology. You can visit it at

Software Enggr – BharatMatrimony (1.1 Yrs)

I have worked as a Software Engineer at BharatMatrimony ( Pvt Limited) for 1.1 Years. The following were my responsibilties at the organisation :

  • Responsible for developing the upgraded Mobile version of using modern trend-setting Mobile Web Framework technologies.
  • Responsible for developing LG TV application for using PHP & LG TV SDK
  • Responsible for maintenance and module features in
  • Member of the Research & Development Team
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AddressB8, Park Avenue, Sri Ram Avenue Extn, Vadavalli, Coimbatore - 641041, India

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